Professional Guide For Conferences in Greece

Ionian Islands - The green gems


Green hills, tress reaching all the way down to the golden shores, turquoise sea water, palazzos, Byzantine churches, cosmopolitan night life and an artistic atmosphere are what make the Ionian Islands so unique.

The Ionian Islands - traditionally called “Eptanisa” that translates to “Seven Islands” - are a group of seven islands and a number of islets scattered in the Ionian Sea in the westernmost part of Greece. The seven main islands of the Ionian group are Corfu (or Kerkyra), Kefalonia, Zakynthos (or Zante), Ithaca, Lefkada, Kythira and Paxos. Of the islets the most important are Antipaxos, Othronos, and Antikythira. Although the Ionian Islands region is considerably small, both in size and in population, it has greatly contributed to the Greek culture thanks to its long and colourful course in time and its advantageous geopolitical position that serves as a crossroad between East and West. The Ionian Sea and its islands offer the unique beauty of the Greek countryside combined with the nobility of Venetian architecture. The sea of sapphire blue, the evergreen land and the silver colour of the olive trees combined with the inherent enthusiasm and musicality the residents seem to possess create of a truly unique atmosphere. Things heat up on the Ionian Islands from June through to October, while December and January yield rainfalls and low temperatures.



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